A cultural and restful place to discover …

Fontdouce Abbey is a good cultural resting place during your walking tour through the Coran Valley

You can take advantage of the valley's calm together with our beautiful formal gardens, as well as discovering the rich architecture of the abbey which is a blend of austere 12th century Romanesque and highly decorated 13th century Gothic styles.

Fontdouce is an ideal place for a picnic alongside the « Fontaine Douce » stream close to the nearby woods.


  … At the heart of a network of footpaths

Fontdouce Abbey lies along the Coran Valley
, in the Romanesque Saintonge region, at the heart of a network of footpaths which will lead you to various springs and streams which abound in the wooded vineyards of the region.

There are plenty of footpaths between Saint-Bris-des-Bois, Saint-Sauvant and Burie.

The trail known as the «13 Fontaines»
is a well-known walkers' reference for you to discover the historic springs and riverside wash-houses.

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