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Visiter l’Abbaye de Fontdouce (Visit Fontdouce Abbey)

Price : 4,50 €

This work retraces the eventful history of the site:
from the first small monastery to the powerful regional Royal Abbey and later its decline. The present owners describe Fontdouce in the light of recent research carried out in partnership with the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles (regional cultural affairs office).

The authors are :

  • Jean-Pierre Boutinet, , honorary professor at the Catholic University of Angers (49),
    specialising in social sciences;
  • Gérard Boutinet pharmacist in Ciboure (64).

Une famille saintongeaise sur deux siècles. Déroulez le fil enroulé

(A Saintonge family over two centuries, unravelling the story)

Price : 25 €

This book provides an insight into an important Charentaise family, the Boutinets, who became the owners of Fontdouce Abbey shortly after the French Revolution. The five branches of the Boutinet family have their roots in the Saintonge region between Saintes and Cognac. These five branches have experienced not only wars and other various trials of life, but also the joy of coming together to create a particular lifestyle of their own.

Author :

  • Cécile Girardin, from Niort (79)
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In its shop, Fontdouce has a wide variety of gifts and local products for sale for all ages. Regional specialities such as pineau, cognac, honey, mustard and pottery are available together with books describing monastic life and religious architecture.